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Dr John N Macdonald

Brief Outline of Scientific Career and Interests

Born and educated in Glasgow, Scotland, John Macdonald is a graduate of the University of Glasgow. In 1971 he was appointed Lecturer in Physical Chemistry at Bangor and was Head of the Department of Chemistry from 1999-2005. He retired from the University in July 2006.

The Chemistry Department at Bangor is a Foundation Department of the University opening its doors to students for the first time in 1884. In the period 1884 to 2005 the Department had only nine Heads of Department. The Department Website lists the incumbents of the post.

For details follow the link: Past Heads of the School of Chemistry at the University of Wales Bangor.


Allan Glen’s School Glasgow, BSc (University of Glasgow), PhD (University of Glasgow), University of Wales Research Fellow 1969-71.

Research Interests

High resolution molecular spectroscopy, microwave spectroscopy, computational chemistry, quantum mechanics and wavepacket dynamics, molecules in space.